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#1 30-Nov-2012 21:44:07

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Colemak on Windows 8?

On the colemak website for downloads windows 8 is not included. Will colemak ever come out with one for windows 8 anytime soon?


#2 05-Dec-2012 21:00:55

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Re: Colemak on Windows 8?

The current download works perfectly fine in Windows 8. (I'm using it every day at home.) Someone should just update the wiki page to include Windows 8.

From what I've heard, it doesn't offer some of the specific new nice things that Windows 8 provides for keyboard layouts on the "soft keyboard" for touch users, but MSKLC currently hasn't been updated to even build those. Also, I don't think MSKLC has been updated for ARM builds to support Windows RT (the Windows 8 for ARM devices), and even if it has, I've heard Windows RT doesn't currently allow keyboard installs anyway.


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