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#1 03-May-2012 02:21:27

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Android Colemak Layout

After a few hours of hacking, I've got it (sort of) working. For now, it only works on Ice Cream Sandwich, and you have to have root access to your phone.

It's pretty messy, and I don't have QWERTY any more. Does anyone care / want me to clean it up and post it?

Colemak on Android

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#2 03-May-2012 12:12:50

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Re: Android Colemak Layout

Nice! Yes, that's interesting.


#3 15-May-2012 09:57:00

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Re: Android Colemak Layout

Nice one! I've been using SwiftKey X myself, which works perfectly with Colemak. Before I switched to (paid) SwiftKeyX, I used MultiLing keyboard, which is pretty nice and customizable too. No need for root in either case :)


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