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    A Programmer's Layout (loath to move HJKL)

    • Started by noah
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    Can anyone suggest keyboard layouts that would benefit a programmer?
    Most of the languages I work with are C-syntax (PHP, C++, Javascript).
    It's easy to make custom keyboard maps in Linux, so I can try pretty
    much whatever I want.

    I like the Colemak philosophy of not moving too far from QWERTY.
    I tried Dvorak, but it was just too much of a change.
    After looking at Colemak I know I can live with this.

    The only problem I see for a programmer is trying to move the HJKL keys
    which are critical to Vim editor users (perhaps Emacs people won't have this problem).
    I would like to try a hybrid Colemak layout that does not move these keys.

    Any thoughts?


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    • Shai
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    There's an experimental Vim script for Colemak that offers many advantages over the standard Vim mapping and the HJKL navigation in Vim. More information

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