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  • Great international typing tutor for Mac OS X

    Great international typing tutor for Mac OS X

    • Started by keyboard samurai
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    I just found and started using this today with the Colemak layout on my Macbook and it works great!

    http://homepage.mac.com/typetrainer4mac … ring3.html

    Product description:
    TT4Mac is a Freeware typing tutor for Mac OS X. It is easy to use and supports European (ISO), American (ANSI) and Japanese (JIS) keyboards. 
    Some features:
    - Tested for 99 system keyboard layouts as well as for some custom keyboard layouts
    - External plain text files can be connected to the application as additional exercises

    There is a detailed review of version 2.7.2 here
    http://www.softpedia.com/reviews/mac/Ty … reviewForm


    I am using the latest version 2.8  which was released this month.
    A drawback for me is none of the sample texts are in English,
    but that is a minor quibble since you can easily drag and drop ANY rich text file in.
    TypeTrainer4mac reads the current layout and correctly displays the the finger position for Colemak.  It also reads the layout to display the Colemak keyboard when you switch to free texting or select mode. A great feature is that in the Select mode (F2) you can select which keys you want to appear in the training mode (F1) from the Colemak keyboard layout. I haven't seen this kind of elegant control in other programs. It lets you work on problem areas for keeping rhythm of any keys !  like []\|-=_+<>?,./~`!@#$%^&*()  and capital letters. 

    It has what amounts to a metronome that you can set from 40 cpm to 200 cpm that seems to me like a good tool to help consistency of ones typing rhythm.
    The sound can be turned off.

    I will definitely be sending an email to the developer!


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    I also use this program.

    But you forgot the best feature - while using the select mode, any keys you mess up in a row of text are more likely to appear in the next row that's generated, so you end up getting a lot of practice on the ones that you have the most trouble with (like R and S in my case).

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    • Shai
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    I've added it to the Learn page

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