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    Does Colemak improve accuracy ?

    • Started by blee61
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    I read the opinions on the layout and there seems to be a little improvement on the Dvorak. My problems when using Dvorak are
    1. The overload of the pinky  which is the most common problem.
    2. The position of the F key which I still find hard to get used to after a month of Dvorak.
    What made me want to switch to Colemak is the switch between Backspace and Caps Lock which I am sure will relieve my pinky a great deal.

    I did notice an improvement in the accuracy department after I started using Dvorak and I have to ask: Is Colemak an improvement over Dvorak accuracy wise ? Is it the same, or even worse ? I think the answer should be based on the opinions of users that are proficient in both Colemak and Dvorak.

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    Although I didn't use Dvorak for too long (10 months), I think I can still speak on this matter.

    From my experience, it's been about the same accuracy. I mean, there are days where I cannot type anything, and I will receive low-90s on typing tests, but that has happened with both Colemak and Dvorak. But the majority of the time, I receive mid-to-high-90s accuracy, which is what I received on Dvorak most of the time.

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    For me, Colemak was much easier to learn then Dvorak. That's because most of the keys in Dvorak are changed from QWERTY, while in Colemak only the necessary and most used are changed, and best of all, the famous shortcuts are still in their original locations.

    When I was trying to learn Dvorak, my speed was around 20 wpm for 2 weeks and and my accuracy was horrible. Thus, I gave up and went back to QWERTY. However, I didn't want to use it anymore, so I started searching for alternatives. Days later, I found Colemak and within 3 days of practicing I was able to get above 30 wpm with accuracy of above 90% since I didn't have to relearn 1/2 the keys, only the ones that I use mostly. I switched cold turkey - so I use QWERTY only when no other choice is available, which is very rare since I carry my flash drive all the time, with Colemak on it.  Basically, it's easier to learn keys that one has more practice in, thus all those not very popular keys like z, x, v, etc I didn't have to relearn. However, since I didn't technically master Dvorak, the switch was easier for me, since Colemak is closer to QWERTY then it is to Dvorak, but in any case, if you do some practicing, you'll get back your speed and more in no time. In the worst case, if you don't decide to switch, at least use the reg file in the Colemak package to remap the caps to backspace, very useful in my opinion :).

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