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    TypeFaster not working

    • Started by allen
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    I'm using Windows 2000 and I've downloaded and installed both TypeFaster (0.4) and the Colemak layout for TypeFaster.

    Colemak is working in Windows, TypeFaster is showing the Colemak layout but when I type within TypeFaster comes out as QWERTY. I can ALT-TAB out to Notepad and it's Colemak again.

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    • Shai
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    Layouts are not global, but are set per application. Try setting Colemak as the default keyboard layout and restart Windows and see if it resolves the issue.

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    My obserservations using Windows XP are as follows.

    You can download, install and use a layout imediately but a blank spot apears in the language bar where the layout name should be until after your first reboot.

    The windows logon is always qwerty after a reboot, windows switches to the default layout following the logon and startup. However the logon prompt is in that default layout after a hibernation or a sleep.

    Setting a different layout via the language bar will effect the application you're currently focused on and any future aplications you launch. The exception to that behavior is the MS windows things things like folders, search promts etc, they can be changed but future ones always start with the default layout.

    Overall the alternate layouts work good and are consistent, the only program i've had any isues with at all is activewords and i think those can be resolved.

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