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    Finger use

    • Started by countach
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    I've just been looking at a few web sites on typing, and something I never knew before is that you are supposed to use the pinky for Z, ring for Q, middle for C and index for V. I have always been using index for C, middle for X,  ring for Z and pinky for shift. The official way doesn't make sense to me. Your hands point outwards a bit which is why you use the right index for J and M (qwerty), where M is towards the outside of your body compared to the home position of J. To do it the official way I have to move my whole hand, but to do it my own way I only move my fingers.

    Is there a good reason for the official way?

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    • Shai
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    I don't think there's a big difference. However the left index finger will now have to type 7 letters (P,G,T,D,V,B,C) which will increase a bit the same-finger ratio. It will also make it a bit more difficult to adapt to ergonomic keyboards that heve their keys aligned.

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