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    CHORDMAK Chrome Extension

    • Started by asetniop
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    Hi everybody,
    I wanted to share the news that I've put together a Chrome extension for users to practice ASETNIOP, and I've included Chordmak as an option.  To install it, just follow the link below (it's free, or course).

    https://chrome.google.com/webstore/deta … dbpfgaoigb [DEAD LINK]

    The idea is to make it easier to practice using Chordmak on a more casual level; i.e. simply turn it on for a few minutes from time to time to practice it.  That way, as devices become available that support a ten-point input interface (touchscreens, gloves, gesture recognition, implants :), you'll be able to easily transition into using the new system without too much trouble. 

    It is very much of a work in progress - it works fine with most textboxes and input fields (including passwords) but not so well with gmail (the cursor doesn't track along with the text).  I'll be fixing bugs and adding features (including additional language support) as time allows, and you're always welcome to contact met at support@asetniop.com with bug reports or requests. 

    Thanks again to this community for the support you've all shown thus far!

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    Hey I know it is a  long time since this post has been made but I just wanted to point out that the link for the chrome extension doesn't work

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