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    Vote for Colemak on Windows

    • Started by jammycakes
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    I've just started a request on the Microsoft Windows UserVoice forums to see Colemak bundled with Windows.

    https://windows.uservoice.com/forums/26 … of-the-box

    Let's all chip in and see this done!

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    Just tried to help out.  But the site is restricted.  Can you set up another link?  Or do you know of other efforts like this that I could support?

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    Yeah, seems you need to be a registered user for that?

    Hmmm. Now that there's one Colemak-Curl(DH) I wonder whether that should be mentioned too. It's no fun to split up the Colemak effort per se, but it's nice to offer a Workman/Norman killer; those layouts have been promoted and implemented more than they deserve IMNSHO...

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