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    Caps lock on Linux

    • Started by synbitz
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    I've been using colemak for a while now and I like it but I also do scripting and programming and well sometimes I need to type in words in all caps.
    How can I bring back the caps lock function on my ubuntu ?


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    I'm not familiar with Ubuntu but don't you see some Keyboard settings/Layout inside System settings or something of the sorts? If you can't find any solution via GUI, try to get root privileges and edit the /etc/default/keyboard file. For example, I have

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    But to enter the next level of uber geekdom (not to mention giving your hands a more improved experience) you should definitely be wanting to use CapsLock for something better than it's default function. There are plenty of other options/ideas knocking around for still having access to the capslock function when you really need it.

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    But typing in Colemak on Ubuntu is pretty geeky already by any standard.

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    a more user friendly approach can be to install gnome-tweak-tool, e.g.

    sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

    this will give you a nice GUI to control loads of things, one of which is the behaviour of the caps and similar keys

    i have my caps and lctrl switched, predominantly to assist my emacs usage

    if you went for the same option you could still use caps for colemak backspace, and lctrl for an alternate caps?

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    I believe that what Stevep's saying is take a look at the Extend mode (see my sig).

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