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    QWERTY ctrl hotkeys in windows

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    I discoverd that in windows the ctrlkey and writekey is can be different so that you can keep old shortcuts with new layout.

        ctrlkey      writekey
    21    F        1    t    T    -1    00f6    -1        // LATIN SMALL LETTER T, LATIN CAPITAL LETTER T, <none>, LATIN SMALL LETTER O WITH DIAERESIS, <none>

    this line is from the klc file open with notepad

    My layout, it may have errors I just did a fast test.

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    Yes. What you call 'ctrlkey' is the 'virtual key' or VK name. (The first number is the scan code.)

    Indeed, you can specify glyphs for the input stream independently of the VK, and thus "trick" the OS. But it's not entirely robust, as sometimes you'll want the VK to be right.

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