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    Colemak layout

    • Started by Kloddhopper
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    Recently, I acquired a refurbished 'Dell Optiplex 780' running windows 7 professional. I want to set up the 'Colemak' keyboard layout but I keep getting nowhere with my efforts.

    If I wanted to use Dvorak, there would not be a problem, However this is not the case. I would like a step by step tutorial geared for one new to Windows Professional.

    I am not explaining my predicament very well. So, there may be a certain amount of confusion.


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    What you're saying is that Colemak doesn't come with Windows, is that it? Yes, this is unfortunately the case.

    On the downloads page you'll find a MSKLC (Keyboard Layout Creator) generated installer that will install Colemak for you.

    If you want a more advanced setup like mine, with Extend etc etc (check my sig post) you'll have to use PKL for the most part. That may be a little hassle for you to get used to, but I think it's very much worth it.

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