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  • Making small layout changes in Wayland/Gnome3 (xkb?)

    Making small layout changes in Wayland/Gnome3 (xkb?)

    • Started by jfmcbrayer
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    Hi, all. I want to make some small changes to my keyboard layout in Gnome on Wayland, following the example of the Symbolics Lisp Machine keyboard. I am currently using the stock Colemak layout included in Fedora.

    This was suggested on HN:

    The best modification that you can do to your keyboard layout is to adapt the MIT Lisp Machine keyboard layout. The changes are small but very significant, work with either QWERTY or Dvorak, and you can do them on any PC or laptop keyboard:

    1. Change the layout of modifier keys from Control-Windows-Alt-Spacebar-Alt-Menu-Control to Windows-Alt-Control-Spacebar-Control-Alt-Windows (bind the outermost modifier keys to Super and Hyper if you use Emacs). This will let you do keyboard chording easily with either hand and eliminate "Emacs pinky": https://retrocomputing.stackexchange.co … s/495/what-...

    2. Change Caps Lock to Backspace (RUB OUT on Lisp Machine keyboards)

    3. Swap parentheses () for square brackets []

    We already have 2, of course.

    I'd also like to dump Colemak's AltGr in favor of a traditional X style "Compose" key, probably on a FN key, since as an English speaker, I don't use it that much (I type some español, but it only has 3 types of accent, and I don't use them enough to give up my right Meta key).

    A little of this is tweakable in Gnome Tweak Tool, but not all of it, and it's pretty restrictive in what options it offers.

    So how do I start to implement this?

    (I'd also want to do it in PKL on Windows, since I use that for work, and I don't want to be changing back and forth.)

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    hows this working out for you?

    i'm getting a sore pinky/ring on the left hand

    i've gone caps as ctrl for ages and just today the left windows-alt-ctrl switcheroo, all via gnome-tweak-tool

    doesn't look like you can achieve the right hand switcheroo in the same way

    I think alt-gr as ctrl and whathever that middle keys called as alt would help

    anyone know how you can do the right hand bit?

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