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    Colemak romaji table mapping for Google Japanese Input

    • Started by OrthoCube
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    I wanted to use Colemak while typing Japanese (because my hands no longer type in QWERTY well) but tutorials on how to set this up was hard to find, and I remember seeing some sort of Windows registry hack but I can't find any specific instructions, so instead, I opened Google Japanese Input and I set the romaji table to the equivalent Colemak keys.

    Since it took a long time to do, and it'd be really bothersome if you'd have to do it yourself, I'll upload the configuration file. Just open Google Japanese Input's "Properties" (プロパティ), choose "Edit Romaji Table" (ローマ字テーブル → 編集…) click "Edit" (編集…) again, then "Import" (インポート), then choose the file that you can get from this link:

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fSu5zj … sp=sharing

    Hope I was able to help someone :)

    -- Kyle

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    Oh wow, that's cool. Thanks for the contribution!

    I'm not a speaker nor a writer of Romaji myself, but I thought about this a while back. The solution I envisioned for myself (and others) was in PKL, using a system of dead keys in which you could type for instance R (being a dead key in the Japanese layout) followed by A/I/U/E/O producing the right kana. But my idea stopped on the inability to produce digraphs for, e.g., RYA/RYO/RYU. In a future PKL version this should be possible at which time I may revisit my ideas for Romaji. ^_^

    One advantage with my suggested solution would be portability (no install/setting rights necessary, only the right to run PKL.exe; can be run from the net or a USB drive), and the combination with Extend mode and other layout tools.

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