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    iPad Pro Hardware Keyboard - Help Please!

    • Started by jonhamil
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    Hi all

    I have recently got an iPad Pro 12.9 and also bought the mac external keyboard to go with it. I touchtype using the Colemak layout and wanted to set up the Hardware keyboard to this layout. Currently this option does not appear in Settings.

    Have done quite a bit of googling and there are some conflicting messages out there. Can anyone assist please? Am happy to jailbreak if necessary.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    I don't know much about MacOS. But if all else fails, you could try a QUICKIE USB-2-USB device. See my BigBag topic on those if you're interested. Of course, that'll set you back a semi-pretty penny and likely put some gray hairs on your head before it's working as expected. ;-)

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