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    Bugs in OS_X version of Mod-DH

    • Started by BenDover178
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    Hi, I found a few bugs with the current OS_X version of Mod-DH from the Github site:

    1. None of the accent commands work with the letter O (comes out as ˆo, ´o, ˜o, ¨o, and `o instead of ô, ó, õ, ö, and ò). The other vowels seem to be fine.

    2. Caps lock doesn't work properly; many letters repeat and as a result, some are missing (yeah yeah I know, who uses caps lock?). Shift keys are fine.

    3. The Option+Shift layer is missing characters from the vanilla OS_X layout. https://imgur.com/a/jTicJ

    *2/3 are mostly aesthetic and not essential to using the layout, but I figured I may as well report them with the accent problem.

    I'd try to fix these myself but I'm completely illiterate when it comes to programming so I was hoping someone around here would know how to fix these bugs.


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    You should report that as an issue on Github. The Mod-DH pages and repos are the work of stevep99 not Shai who runs this site. ;-)

    That said, yes, Steve is here and very active so he'll see your post for sure. It'd just be more correct, is all.

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    Yes, I see the report.

    The Mac files were all contributed by others however, as I barely know the first thing about Macs.

    Of course, if anyone wants to submit a fix on GitHub, I'll merge it in.

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