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    Gmail input tools - has a Dvorak option.

    • Started by pinkyache
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    I just noticed in web Gmail that there is an input tool option for Dvorak (so I can switch to Dvorak while using Qwerty while composing a message).

    A keyboard icon appeared on the right hand side near the settings cog.  And was pre-populated with Dvorak.  Not sure how Gmail worked this out, it could have sniffed it via Gmail use on a Chromebook, or has used some other means.

    Do browsers have access to your input settings?

    Anyway there are writing and other language options.  Colemak options are currently not present (for me at least).

    Can anyone elaborate any more detail on Google's input settings?

    Is this consistent across Google applications and platforms (Android/Chromebook etc.)?

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    Yes I noticed the the moment I started learning Colemak.
    Unfortunate that Gmail doesn't have colemak. But I do use Colemak on Android using Gboard and it works fine. The swipe prediction is still dodgy though

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