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    The Journey of a Lifetime

    • Started by Vixor Lucius
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    Hello y'all,

    I had been (past tense on purpose) using the Qwerty layout (via pecking and hunting) for over 26 years until I discovered Colemak (after a briefly disastrous run-in with Dvorak). I started using the original Colemak over a month ago (around 15 February 2019) and quickly became frustrated with the placement of the B, D, and H (the HE bigram was extremely awkward). What to do!? I stumbled upon Colemak Mod-DH, Colemak-CA, and Colemak-CAW!

    I chose Colemak Mod-DH as the best fit due to touch typing ease and ergonomics. Layout as follows (with Backspace moved to CapsLock),


    I work in a highly secure security environment and wanting to use a USB stick to carry around a Colemak mod computer to computer was and is currently not an option. As a note, getting approval by IT to install the original Colemak layout was a gargantuan task in itself. So I asked what fell under the authorized parameters of software use, including non-company issued keyboards. The answer was to bring in a modded keyboard to avoid downloading or using unauthorized software.

    To fulfill my desire to use Colemak at work I did a lot of research and fell upon the wonderful world of programmable keyboards! I ordered a Vortex Cypher (that I am typing my experience out on now), an Anne Pro 2 (that will be arriving any day now), and a pre-order for a CTRL Mechanical Keyboard. Let me just say that mechanical keyboards are an interesting adjustment, but nevertheless welcomed.

    Work OS: Dell PC with Windows 10
    Home OS: iMac with macOS Mojave, including Parallels to run Windows 10

    My initial method of learning was “Qwerty by day and Colemak by night” (using The Typing Cat to train at night on my iMac). 16 March 2019 was the first official day I could start using the Colemak Mod-DH at work as I finally had a modded keyboard to bring. Now that I am successfully able to use Colemak Mod-DH everywhere, I use Key Hero and 10FF to practice strengthening my touch typing and speed skills (my 10FF rank stands at a whopping 29 WPM and growing).

    The future of using Colemak Mod-DH is bright and I am happy to be a part of a thriving and growing community.

    Virtually yours,

    Vixor Lucius

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    Grats on your wise choice of and transition to Colemak-DH! ^_^

    Next, could we interest you in some Extend maybe? ;-) Of course, that'd aggravate your IT dept. issues I guess... but I do have an Extend solution for programmable controllers so you could be just fine. Better than ever, in fact.

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    Yes, a good choice, I'm sure your new layout will feel very comfortable, and in no time you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

    Hmm, it seems to be a common issue with IT departments not allowing unauthorized software / USB sticks / etc. Another reason why programmable keyboards are the best hope for the future, moreso than an allowing mutliple software configuration options. I wonder though: is there a potential for a programmable keyboard itself be used for malicious purposes by an attacker? Not that I want to encourage even more paranoia among IT departments or anything.

    Another option is the USB-USB remapper route of course, but I wonder if the fact that it looks a bit like a USB stick, might cause problems...

    If you already prefer Backspace rather than CapsLock, then Extend will blow your mind!

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    Using Colemak-DH with Seniply.

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