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    Another layout for your reference

    • Started by seruxie
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    After being less than satisfied with Dvorak, I meticulously designed a layout for my personal use an year ago. I have been quite happy using it, and it is quite similar to colemak ( there is only one scientific way of placement in many cases ). Just think I would share it:

    12345 67890 []
    QGRPW VLUY- /=
    ZKXFB JM,.;

    Unlike colemak it makes no compromise to qwerty, though most characters remain on the same hand and I found it fairly easy to adapt. There are very few same finger consecutive typing, except --nl-- ( only ) , --rs-- ( verse ), --lm-- ( almost ), --nm-- ( government ), --eu--.  It has comfortable hand alternation and finger rolls. "v" and "j" are better switched on a standard keyboard, but I use an ergonomic keyboard which serves better this way.

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    • Shai
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    The similarity to Colemak is rather striking, and it seems to share many of Colemak's design principles.
    Overall it's a very good layout, but I see a few issues:
    * Same-finger typing: 'rs'/'sr' are very frequent digraphs (the others aren't that frequent)
    * R should be on the home position instead of D.
    * Ctrl-Z/X/C/V aren't conserved. Ctrl-V isn't very comfortable to hit.

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    The similarity is expected since I too tried to minimize same finger typing, balance finger usage and maximize home-row usage. I think this grouping pattern is almost optimal.
    "rs" is somewhat frequent indeed. Colemak avoids this but it relegates "c" to a harder reach, and it introduces "sc", "cs", "pt", "wr", "kl", "lk".
    I don't care for the hotkey since it is for personal use on linux.

    If I were to use colemak I would modify it to:

    ZXFBK VM,.;

    I am not sure whether it is better than my old layout though.

    I think Colemak is the best alternative to the qwert world -- if only there are more marketing so people finds more than Dvorak when searching.

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