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    Crackle Layout (for programmers)

    • Started by jaroslaw
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    It would be nice to have something like this for colemak.

    https://medium.com/@jack_21924/crackle- … dd04838231

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    I see no need, myself. AltGr does the trick for me, and as you can see in my BigBag I've got a battery of dead keys and Extend layers to expand the layout into greatness.

    Furthermore, those layers look messy and unintuitive to me? The brackets/braces are positionally arranged, but symbols seem to be scattered haphazardly about.

    If you wish, you can do pretty much the same on Windows using the "SGCaps" states as extra modifiers. But most of us use AltGr(+Shift) and are happy enough.

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    That seems to be independent of base layout, so you could have it for Colemak if you wanted. Many people, including myself, already have a layer for symbols. The difference here is the choice of key to activate the extra layers. Caps and apostophe isn't too bad for "Snap" but the "Pop" key choice seems silly. I fail to see how any of these choices are better than using AltGr.

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