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    Self Introduction - Poikilos

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    I'm a programmer, artist, and I compose EDM on the side. I went from software development to IT but in 2019 I returned to college for Software Development. I refocused my web presence, moving everything to one dev blog, poikilos.org, making the Software Development category the default feed. I'm involved in several open source projects (minetest.org, and minor contributions to several small projects, and several of my own on github.com/poikilos). I considered DVORAK years ago, but instead got into split keyboards (also angled--used goldtouch keyboards seem to be the only reasonably priced ones). Split keyboards seem to help, but while considering a career where I'll be typing more, now I am more interested in Colemak because it (seems like its development motivations are less biased than DVORAK and) caters to modern use including programming well.

    The heatmaps and the homerow convinced me already. When I looked into this years ago and found out that the word "typewriter" is on the top row of Querty possibly for the convenience of salespeople to type the word fast without really being trained, I was not amused one bit. I also was not amused when I heard that the keys alternate in a way that was convenient for preventing mechanical arms of typewriters from getting stuck, and had little to nothing to do with ergonomics. I figured anything aiming for placing common keys better has to be better than Qwerty. I am also impressed that Colemak focuses on "rolling" motion, putting keys commonly used together in special ways. However, are there any long-term studies related to Colemak?


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    Tjäna! ^_^

    Have you read my Big Bag yet? Its main topic links to a history article which debunks some QWERTY myths. I think the 'typewriter' one is such a myth. That of course doesn't make QWERTY a good layout. And indeed, Colemak is a wonderful alternative. There are many devised and potential layouts that may have about the same efficiency, but at one point it becomes hard to tell the difference. And Colemak has other things going for it too, like its vibrant community.

    If you're on Windows, EPKL is my dearest tool and its development is Colemak oriented. Have a gander. :-)

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