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    Esperanto version of Colemak?

    • Started by Soumya-8974
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    As you know in my first post, I am yet-to-be an Esperantist. There is an Esperanto keyboard, but unfortunately, it is based on the QWERTY keyboard. Can someone make "Esperanta Kolamaka Klavaro"?

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    Saluton!   (=^・ω・^=)丿

    I think you just need a solution for the accents, really. I wouldn't bother with optimizing a layout for Esperanto since you'll presumably be typing more English than Esperanto anyway? So that's going to be ŭ, and ĉĝĥĵŝ. I can whip one up real quick if you like, it's about the same as many locale layouts. I'd put ŭŬ on one bracket key and a ^ dead key on the other. See my locale topic in the BigBag.

    What platform/OS are you on? And do you use an ISO or ANSI keyboard?

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