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    Advice for Typing Speed

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    Learn to be accurate first then improve speed. Because if you make mistakes all the time the longer it will take you to type.

    Practice. Get used to the home keys work to the point where you do not need to look at both what you are typing or your fingers on the keyboard.

    When my wrists get stiff from typing, I grab my fingers with one hand and stretch out my arm to full length and pull on my fingers back slowly.

    Know your keyboard:
    If you are typing 60 wpm or higher, and want to get better, and not get carpal tunnel: buy a mechanical keyboard.

    What is important is developing a rhythm, not to hurry, but to be accurate, first-priority. Speed comes naturally with practice and time.

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    Good points there! In addition to stretching, I recommend shaking loose to better the circulation. Also move your limbs around as tension may easily build up from the back and shoulders.

    Of course, you also forgot the important point of using a good layout, ergo mods, Extend etc...

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