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    How to design a 10-key layout?

    • Started by aubrie
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    Hi all,

    I have muscular dystrophy and recently lost more muscle in my hands, so I'm having more trouble using standard input methods. This is especially challenging because I love keyboard shortcuts and had often looked for ways to further optimize my setup regardless of disability. I'm now trying to design a keyboard layout that uses only 10 keys.

    I have been experimenting with using tools like Karabiner on Mac to remap keys, but I'm learning that what's more difficult than remapping keys is planning which keys should do what, especially how to organize meta and control keys.

    Colemak won't work for me in the long run, but since you all seem to have put a lot of thought into keyboard optimization in general, I'm reaching out to you all to ask:
    1. What theory or high-level principles should I keep in mind when designing a keyboard layout?
    2. Have you heard of anyone trying to make a 10-key layout?
    3. Do you know of any other communities that might be good to ask about this?

    Thank you!

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    Look up ASETNIOP. There's a Colemak-inspired variant of it too, but I don't know much about the differences.

    Myself, I might consider using MessagEase and a touch screen. I get around 60 WPM max speed with that which isn't shabby; see the BigBag. Or if I were dedicated enough, I might learn a steno system (like Plover?) which is hard to learn but very powerful in use. If you can use it, the DataHand might also be worth looking into – it uses finger leaning instead of finger movement.

    As for other communities, I'd look up the Colemak Discord, particularly the #hardware channel. And GeekHack.

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