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    Looking for a good mechanical keyboard

    • Started by Penta
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    Although I'm a dvorak user, I figured this would be a great place to get some suggestions. I just started getting into the typing community and I'm finding it hard to choose the right keyboard. I'm looking for a keyboard that fits some or all of the following specifications:

    - No colored backlighting - I don't want gaming keyboard
    - 65% or 80% (full is ok but not preferred)
    - Pre-built
    - split spacebar (less of a priority)
    - Available with Cherry MX Red or Brown switches
    - Blank keycaps
    - Under $200

    If you have a suggestion that fits even just some of the requirements, but it's a solid keyboard that you can recommend, please let me know.

    Also, what switches do you recommend for fast typing? If I'm looking to increase my typing speed, which Cherry switches should I get?

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    Hiya! What I'd do is ask at GeekHack and the #hardware channel of the Colemak Discord. Personally, I think the Kyria looks just great but I don't know if it fits your price requirement. The guy who makes Kyria hangs at the Discord under the name Thomas|splitkb.com by the way.  ∩(◕‿◕。)∩~♪

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    It's hard to get good ergonomic keyboards that are prebuilt and below $200.

    For traditional layouts, there is e.g. Vortexgear Cypher, which comes in both split and non-slit spacebar versions.

    I have a Matias Ergo Pro which meets most of your requirements, but doesn't have Cherry MX switches.  I do recommend having a split spacebar, for me that's a must-have.

    The UHK looks good also, but is very expensive and outside your budget.

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    Here are some suggestions,
    I personally use a dactyl at the desk and an atreus when I use a portable keyboard.

    The following seem to tick all your boxes.

    https://ohkeycaps.com/products/built-to … m-keyboard

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