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  • Typing tutor programs for Linux that support Colemak wide mod-DH?

    Typing tutor programs for Linux that support Colemak wide mod-DH?

    • Started by ksynwa
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    Hi. I want to try out English Colemak with the wide mod-DH. (Sorry if the terminology is wrong. Please feel free to correct me.) My cheap new mechanical keyboard arrives in a couple days so I was working on setting up Colemak with said mod on my computer which runs Void Linux in the meanwhile.

    I was wondering how you folks learn a new layout. Like most I have used QWERTY all my life but I am not very good at it (slow and inaccurate, with bad touch typing habits) so from my very limited knowledge typing tutor programs (like klavaro, gtypist, keybr.com, etc.) are the way to go. But klavaro supports only standard Colemak OOTB (though it allows customisable layouts) but I was wondering what your thoughts are on this.

    To summarise my rambling:

    1. Are typing tutor programs a decent way to get in the swing of using a new keyboard layout, specifically Colemak's wide mod-DH?
    2. If yes, then which such program do you like (preferably because of good experience that you had)?

    Thanks for bearing with me.

    Edir: Forgot to mention I type only in English.

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    There are different ways. One is Tarmak, see my signature. You should also browse the Big Bag for ideas, there's a learning topic in it.

    I don't know of tutors that teach Colemak-DH, but I don't think that's necessary either. If you really feel the need for a tutor program, you may have to learn vanilla Colemak with it first, then add the CurlAngleWide (my name for DH plus Wide) afterwards.

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    *** Learn Colemak in 2–5 steps with Tarmak! ***
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    Monkey type has got settings for Colemak-DH and Colemak-DHm. I don't know what difference this makes in practise though.

    Keybr.com lets you train specific sets of letters/fingers at a time. Although Colemak-DH isn't directly supported, using the Colemak setting will work fine because no keys change fingers between Colemak and Colemak-DH.

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    Using Colemak Mod-DH with some additional ergonomic keyboard mods.

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