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    Issue with punctuation

    • Started by Klauspactus
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    Hello, im using colemak for a while now, but im having issues with the "e" key and its punctuation
    when i press AltGr+[x] {letter} instead of showing: â, ê, ô its showing ấ, ế, ố
    there is a way to edit this?

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    "Using Colemak" means what, the MSKLC installer from this site? Sounds like it from your AltGr+X description.

    I haven't heard of that issue before, you're getting the acute accent on top of your circumflex so it looks like Vietnamese! That's not supposed to happen. (ʘ言ʘ╬)

    I don't know, check that you have no IMEs running with the layout. Deactivate your layout and uninstall it. Check that AltGr+X doesn't do anything funny with another layout. Then reinstall the layout from this site.

    My best suggestion would be to use EPKL instead. I gave you the same advice at the Discord, so maybe you don't want it. But anyway, with EPKL I and the rest of the community can help you get what you want, and you'll have much more when you discover Extend too.

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