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    A year with Colemak

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    Hi. I wanted to say how much I continue to enjoy Colemak.

    I turned to it in Nov. 2019 because, after decades of hunting/pecking QWERTY, I had a hard time learning to touch type. I kept reverting to my habitual tapping with 6 fingers without noticing. I thought if I learned a different layout it would 1) force me to notice when I looked down since the letter placement was new, and 2) be a better layout. I had no idea how much I would appreciate the latter.

    It took me about a month of 2+ hours daily on keybr.com to become faster than I had been before Colemak. I used Colemak at work too, though in the first week, if I absolutely had to deliver a quick turnaround, I'd switch my keyboard to QWERTY briefly, and then return to Colemak as soon as I could.

    Right away I was struck by how much easier it felt to type Colemak.

    What started as a way to keep myself from "cheating" on typing practice became about how much I enjoyed the feel of typing when much-used letters are on the home row. I have a little bit of arthritis in my hands, and it's made a real difference. So I'm glad I failed at touch typing QWERTY; with Colemak it's a pleasure instead of a chore.


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    Great to hear how you got into Colemak. I’m similarly please with my choice to learn Colemak. Thanks for sharing.

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