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    105 days of Colemak.

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    So I am bored and i decided to go to colemak forums and write my colemak experience (spoiler alert: it's pretty pog)
    First of all let me introduce  myself. I am a 16 years old human from Indonesia. I started using colemak at 21st august 2020 and it's been a great journey. Before I changed to colemak, I was averaging 110-120 on qwerty. On early august, i kept asking on monkeytype discord server on "Is changing layout from qwerty to colemak worth it?". And, I decided to change because someone said relearning layout is much easier. Then I was thinking "hmm.. i don't have anything to do and i felt like learning an alternate layout would make me spent some time and would distract me from this painful world"
    Here's my progression rate on my early days (monkeytype 60s):
    1. 25 WPM
    2. 32 WPM
    3. 50 WPM
    4. 60 WPM
    5. 65 WPM
    6. 81 WPM
    On day 7-9. I am distracted on 6969696969 role on monkeytype and stopped taking as much 60s test as I usually do. (Spoiler: i got the 6969696969 role after spending 12 hours on it here's the link if u are interested on the video :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF2cDk5Nf_I )
    7. 87 WPM
    8. 90 WPM
    9. 95 WPM
    10. I finally took more 60s test and got 100wpm.
    I stopped uploading the progress daily and only upload some picture. Here's some remarkable things i got:
    12. 134wpm on 15 second.
    13. 115wpm on 60 second.
    17. 121wpm on 60 second.
    19. 176wpm on 10 words.
    20. 216wpm on 10 words.
    24. 130wpm on 60 second.
    30. 134wpm on 60 secnd.
    35. 140wpm on 60 second.
    38. 146wpm on 60 second.
    46. 164wpm on 15 second.
    47. 172wpm on 15 second and 220wpm on 10 words.
    50. 162wpm on 60 second.
    Let me tell you more about my 162 wpm on 60s.
    So, there's a kinda new feature on monkeytype (it's pace caret)  And, I was using the pace caret and set it to my old pb. (140ish wpm)
    I surpass the caret and i was averaging 160wpm the whole time without stressing me out to much. At that time, I knew that i was going to get a new pb but i don't expect 162 because I haven't used the pace caret that much and I don't have a lot of pressure. (Yeah i skipped 150) Seeing that result i was surprised asf. Pretty much i got from 0wpm to 162wpm in 50 days which is insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Next day, I took a test and got around 130-140 which is actually still very very impressive. But yeah my pb went from 0 wpm to 162wpm in 50 days which is insane af. Okay, let me continue showing some of my remarkable things i got.
    63. 181wpm on 15 second.
    68. 150wpm on 60 second. (first 150wpm lmaoo)
    82. 230wpm on 10 words.
    91. 163wpm on 60 second. (finally getting back to 160)
    100. 164wpm on 60 second. (choked 170.. i got to 170 till 58 second), 246wpm on 10 words.
    101. 187wpm on 15 second.
    105. 203wpm on 10 second.
    ^ that's the day when I posted this. :)

    So yeah. That's my experience of my colemak. If you want to ask me some queston. Just dm me on discord: CJP#8466
    If you want some tips from me, here i'll give you 1 tips:
    If you want a really fast improvement, you need to be depressed and make typing some kind of distraction and relieve.
    *ok maybe that's not a very good tips but that's what happened to me

    Oh i forgot to say that i went full cold turkey on this journey.

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    Grats, that's awesome progress!  ∩(●'‿'●)∩

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