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    Need Assistance with exam software

    • Started by defygravity96
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    Hi all,

    I've been using Colemak-DH Wide and have been loving the experience. I am currently using the keyboard layout through PKL on my computer and have had no problems. Unfortunately, I am sitting for the bar in Feb and just found out the the testing software closes all of the programs on my computer, including PKL. Learning QWERTY is a last resort as I am longer proficient.

    Is there any way to have the keyboard I need running while I'm taking the test? Does remapping serve that purpose and is it worth it?

    Thank you for your responses. :) 

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    Perhaps you could raise it with the people who run the exams. I mean, you might be able to make use of the fact there are accessibility laws and such like in place these days. Especially in the case where someone was using an alternative layout to reduce RSI / pain in their hands, etc. Since you have legal training, I imagine you'd be well placed to make this kind of argument. They ought to be able to make reasonable adjustments, such as letting you run a layout remapper tool on a USB, or bringing your own (programmable) keyboard.

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    First: Try upgrading to EPKL. PKL has many small bugs that I've fixed, and EPKL has a lot more functionality.

    I imagine it'll be hard to convince the software people to let you run your program. Any advanced program like EPKL could in fact easily be configured to contain some strings that give clues to exam answers so it's not safe for them to allow it! What I do in such situations is use a QUICKIE USB device; another solution is a programmable keyboard but it's (even) more expensive and you have to lug it around with you – although it's a nice thing to own of course! See the BigBag for more info.

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