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  • How to install colemak CAW mod on linux and switch between qwerty

    How to install colemak CAW mod on linux and switch between qwerty

    • Started by Shiv
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    How to install Colemak Dh CAW on linux and revert back to normal qwerty on linux.
    OS: KDE NEON 5.20.5 [live usb version]
    when i try to run commands i cant set it up properly also my layout do chages with wide mod but i cant revert back to qwerty and f i try the qwerty gets messed up with wide mod.
    so i need a proper step by step guide so i can install it on KDE NEON as i dont see mod layout option in gui though it is based on ubunutu.
    i want to be able to switch between layouts, also if i can learn a simple foolproof method so i could use it on other computers get my work done and revert the settings?
    Basically like i will help someone in their computer and when work gets done i will recommend them to use colemak with mod as i have already set up if they agree its free publicity for colemak and satisfaction that they wont be hurting thier hands with qwerty. if they deny then i will remove it. But being able to change b/w layout seamlessly will be a huge deal.
    Basically i want to be a open source developer so i can help others like they helped me and the fact that colemak -dh with other omods can be ergonomic and much better then qwerty could be a great dael in helping others.

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    What I would do would be to use QWERTY with the Wide mod. But that may be undesirable for others. In that case, maybe you want to edit the symbols/colemak file (if you used my files) yourself to include a Wide mod in the basic layout and then run it without a Wide mod as a model. Same story with the Angle mod.

    Another way is to run a setxkbmap command that changes both the keyboard layout and model components. If your keyboard is ANSI for instance, you want to use pc104 with QWERTY and my ergo-modded pc104 model with Colemak-CAW like my setxkb.sh script uses.

    The "simple foolproof method" for other computers is to get a USB-2-USB QUICKIE, or a programmable keyboard. Then you don't have to worry about the other computer's OS at all. For Windows computers though, it's very easy to run the EPKL program portably.

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