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    AltGr causing Ctrl getting stuck with EPKL

    • Started by Wiechciu
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    I have issues with AltGr causing Ctrl getting stuck during typing. I'm Polish and I use AltGr layer to type PL characters (regular Colemak + custom AltGr layer for PL characters). Issue is if I'm typing a bit faster (>50 WPM, so not even that fast), using AltGr to write a letter causes Ctrl to get stuck. With Ctrl getting stuck, when I continue to type and don't realize it happened, all hell breaks loose, because every shortcut ever is designed to be a "Ctrl + letter", so very quickly I have a page refreshed, 2 new tabs open and a printing menu ready to go.

    @Dreymar, you mentioned in <this post> that it can get stuck when using the Extended layer. It is not the case, I have disabled that and use Caps Lock as Caps lock and Backspace as Backspace for some time now, and it didn't fix it.

    This problem is the only thing that is frustrating to me to the point that I switched to MSKLC installed layout on my private PC, but I'm "unfortunately" stuck with EPKL on my business laptop, as IT didn't approve installing any new keyboard layout.

    Is it possible to get it fixed, or find a workaround for it?
    I know I can use a layout that uses dead keys instead of going into AltGr layer for PL characters, but that would be the last option I would explore, as it interferes too much into the layout than I'm currently comfortable with (I tried that for some time and reverted back to regular Colemak + custom AltGr layer for PL characters).

    Any help with the issue will be much appreciated!

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    Hi! This is not an EPKL support forum but a general Colemak forum, so it'd be better if you made a support issue on the EPKL repo.

    Firstly, have you tried downloading the very latest version of EPKL? I don't experience any stuck Ctrl with AltGr myself, now.

    Secondly, do you have an ANSI or ISO keyboard? Does the underlying Windows layout use AltGr or not?

    In the newer versions of EPKL, Extend doesn't cause Ctrl to get stuck anymore that I know of. So if you wish to get back to the awesome power that is Extend, you should try it again.

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    Indeed, sorry. Didn't know I can write the issues there.
    I have copied over the post there and answered your questions.


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