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    Special function row issue (F10)

    • Started by FarzadHayat
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    Hey guys!

    I am having an issue where installing the Colemak keyboard messes with my F10 special function.
    I have a Lenovo laptop, so pressing the F10 key acts like a shortcut to the Project tab. I have multiple monitors so I use this a lot.
    This special function came with the device, and I can still use F10 normally by holding the Function key.
    The issue is not solved with the executable, registry (which doesn't even mention F10 key in the script), or AutoHotkey. It affects only this one key.
    Instead of opening Project, F10 now opens the emoji tab (Windows + . ).

    Lenovo C740 laptop (Windows 11)

    I also posted this question on the Discord server, so if anyone answers I will update the post here too.

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    Maybe you should indeed sum up the discussion from the Discord here. This Forum is more permanent and searchable than the flow of a Discord server.

    From our discussion on Colemak Discord #question-answer:
    – Your laptop somehow changes behavior whenever keys are remapped in any way? Very strange!
    – Even low-level remapping with the Registry method affects it, even without touching the affected F10 key.
    – Your F10 key sends the following sequence: {Win Down},{P Down},{Semicolon}, then some modifier Down/Up presses.
    – It didn't look as if it sent Up key events except for the semicolon during your test? Specifically, no {P Up} as would be expected.
    – As a result, the intended Win+P ("Project" panel for selecting displays) turns into Win+; which opens the Emoji browser!
    – I'd recommend sending Win+P in a different way, such as by an EPKL mapping or by actually pressing Win+P.

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