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    Colemak on a Corne (Helidox)

    • Started by bph
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    Anyone using colemak on a corne? If so any thoughts on it?

    I'm toying with the idea of getting one as I know someone who could help me build it.

    Stevep99 - what keyboard are you on these days? Something similar to the corne perhaps?

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    I have an Atreus and a Redox. The Redox being bulkier sits on my desk at home, the Atreus is portable and I keep it with my laptop.
    Corne looks like a great option too.

    I've ended up switching to non-row-staggered boards, not so much deliberately, but just because that's the easiest way to get decent thumb key support nowadays.

    Using Colemak-DH with Seniply.

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