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  • What is the most efficient amount to time of practising Colemak a day?

    What is the most efficient amount to time of practising Colemak a day?

    • Started by SuperColemakTyper
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    • SuperColemakTyper
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    I have switched to Colemak 31 days ago(1 month). I currently practice 30 mins a day. What is the number of minutes of practising time a day to maximise the efficency of practising?

    • Shai
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    The important thing is to keep doing it regularly, ideally daily.

    If you're consistently practising every day, then keep it up.

    There are diminishing returns for longer sessions, and in my experience practice sessions under 20 minutes are the most time effective.

    You can experiment with splitting the 30 minutes into two 15 minutes sessions, and see if it makes any difference.

    But in the end, everybody's different, so you need to find out what works best for you.

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    • SuperColemakTyper
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    I'll do 20 minutes a day.
    I don't want to do that much so that I have time to study my Udemy course Unreal C++ Developer: Learn C++ And Make Video Games.
    I think my hands would hurt if I do too much.

    I want to tell you my Colemak journey:
    I wanted to type faster(1 1/2 months ago).
    I wanted to get 85 wpm & 97% accuracy.
    I was on QWERTY.
    I practised for 1 week on typing.com.
    I came across a keyboard layout called Dvorak in a typing.com lesson.
    Then I saw that Qwerty was for typewriters and that it was not suited for modern computers.
    I decided to switch to an alternative keyboard layout.
    I decided on these options:
    Dvorak(too different to QWERTY)
    Colemak(the z, x, c, v keys stay the same(good) and it only has 17 changed keys)
    Workman(more changed keys but for some reasons I said no to)
    I chose Colemak.
    I then used thetypingcat.com for 19 days.
    My speed went from 7wpm to 40wpm.
    Then I used keybr.com for 12 days(including today).
    My speed went from 35wpm to 60 wpm.
    I practised 30 mins each day(not one day I missed a day of practise).
    I took a typing test(30 sec).
    I got 54wpm & 95% accuracy!
    I really like Colemak and it makes me type more comfortably!
    It was 31 days since I started Colemak(I have about 13-15 hours experience).
    I can type without looking at the keyboard.
    Yesterday I uninstalled QWERTY from my Windows computer leaving only Colemak.
    My sister uses my computer every day.
    No one in my family knows how to use Colemak except me(no one I've seen in front of my eyes(I mean like not on video but in real life; directly).
    Well, my sister has great trouble using my keyboard(it might be strange but the keys on my keyboard are in QWERTY but not in Colemak so my sister doesn't know which keys are where).
    I didn't apply Colemak stickers on my keyboard. Is it recommended and do you recommend for me to use Colemak stickers?
    I typed this whole post in Colemak.
    Now I am using Colemak for full time(including yesterday(I accidently used QWERTY for a few seconds but it doesn't matter)) since the 19/11/2021 at night.
    I am grateful for Colemak.

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    I did it 5 mins a day for 3 months. And finally one weekend 6 hrs. Now i can touch type with colemak.

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