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    Is There A Colemak Logo?

    • Started by SuperColemakTyper
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    • SuperColemakTyper
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    Did Shai Coleman design a logo for Colemak?
    If not, can you design one and show me?

    • Heidi Frank
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    Anyone? I would be very interested in buying a sticker with Colemak's logo

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    Shai has not designed a Colemak logo. The two-letter abbreviation is Co, and the three-letter abbreviation is Cmk by convention.

    I have made some images including logos/icons, see for instance the third post in this topic:

    https://forum.colemak.com/topic/111-i-m … of-images/

    This one is used as the tray icon for the EPKL program, and at my Big Bag site:


    This one is used at the www.colemak.org site:


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