I wanted to type faster so I went to typing.com and I practised qwerty.
One day on typing.com I discovered Dvorak and saw that qwerty was for typewriters and that Dvorak allows faster typing.
I researched about alternative keyboard and qwerty and dvorak and shortly I discovered Colemak.
I was planning to not use Colemak but I knew that this was a mistake because I was begging for the benefits of Colemak to qwerty.
I began looking for alternative keyboard layouts:

I decided on Colemak because it was easiest to learn and has a 74% home row keystrokes(I like the home row the best).
I looked a lot into Workman but now I decide not too because:
It has 4 more changed keys to qwerty.
It changes the commonly used shortcuts(I now commonly use keyboard shortcuts).
I don't want to switch again.
Colemak is going to be a preinstalled keyboard layout on my os(Windows) after the petition ends(It's ending so slowly).
Colemak has a forum but it looks like Workman doesn't.
Colemak is more popular(so I can find more people doing it).
It has lower home row keystrokes.

Even though I heard that Workman is more efficent I am not changing for the sake of lots of change.

I found that qwerty was so inefficient and then I switched and found a lot of facts.
I practiced on thetypingcat.com for 19 days.
The first day was slow & hard but & I was typing 6 wpm.
I gradually went faster like 3 wpm up each day.
My typing speed was about 35 wpm.
I practiced on keybr.com for 15 days(I not that sure).
My typing speed skyrocketed to 62 wpm.

I had exceeded my qwerty typing speed(about 55 wpm) before I started Colemak. I am not accurate at qwerty now(I use hunt and peck when using qwerty)

Along the way I heard of Colemak DH but because of some facts I didn't change to it.

I practiced on typing.com until now(I am still on it).
My typing speed wasn't really going up that much maybe a but like 2 wpm.
I took a 2 minute typing test and got 64 wpm and 97% accuracy.
I typed a paragraph today at 70 wpm & 98% accuracy.
I can type short length text(like a sentence) in about 75 wpm to 80 wpm.

This is my Colemak journey.
How about you tell me yours?

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