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    My Colemak Journey

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    I wanted to type faster so I went to typing.com and I practised qwerty.
    One day on typing.com I discovered Dvorak and saw that qwerty was for typewriters and that Dvorak allows faster typing.
    I researched about alternative keyboard and qwerty and dvorak and shortly I discovered Colemak.
    I was planning to not use Colemak but I knew that this was a mistake because I was begging for the benefits of Colemak to qwerty.
    I began looking for alternative keyboard layouts:

    I decided on Colemak because it was easiest to learn and has a 74% home row keystrokes(I like the home row the best).
    I looked a lot into Workman but now I decide not too because:
    It has 4 more changed keys to qwerty.
    It changes the commonly used shortcuts(I now commonly use keyboard shortcuts).
    I don't want to switch again.
    Colemak is going to be a preinstalled keyboard layout on my os(Windows) after the petition ends(It's ending so slowly).
    Colemak has a forum but it looks like Workman doesn't.
    Colemak is more popular(so I can find more people doing it).
    It has lower home row keystrokes.

    Even though I heard that Workman is more efficent I am not changing for the sake of lots of change.

    I found that qwerty was so inefficient and then I switched and found a lot of facts.
    I practiced on thetypingcat.com for 19 days.
    The first day was slow & hard but & I was typing 6 wpm.
    I gradually went faster like 3 wpm up each day.
    My typing speed was about 35 wpm.
    I practiced on keybr.com for 15 days(I not that sure).
    My typing speed skyrocketed to 62 wpm.

    I had exceeded my qwerty typing speed(about 55 wpm) before I started Colemak. I am not accurate at qwerty now(I use hunt and peck when using qwerty)

    Along the way I heard of Colemak DH but because of some facts I didn't change to it.

    I practiced on typing.com until now(I am still on it).
    My typing speed wasn't really going up that much maybe a but like 2 wpm.
    I took a 2 minute typing test and got 64 wpm and 97% accuracy.
    I typed a paragraph today at 70 wpm & 98% accuracy.
    I can type short length text(like a sentence) in about 75 wpm to 80 wpm.

    This is my Colemak journey.
    How about you tell me yours?

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    Today I have completed Typing Jungle course from typingclub.com and want to share my results too.
    I practice touch typing in Russian language for more then 20 years. I am Ukrainian and after start of the war I have applied for Canadian visa and started English Colemak course.
    It took me exact 3 months to finish the course. I was focusing on correctness, so there should be zero mistypes during exercise, not on speed. I have started from 10 wpm and finished with 50 wpm. Last two weeks I was on vacation and switched from PC to notebook keyboard, so there was no progress in speed at all.


    I have a hard time applying my new skill at work because my employer do not want to install Colemak layout, so when I work remotely I am trying to not use English at all.

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    Good progress, back when I switched, my speed started levelling off at around 50 wpm too, gains after that came slower. But 50wpm is still easily fast enough for general typing.
    Some workarounds for the problem with your employer: they might still allow using a portable solution (like EPKL) that you can keep on a cloud service or on a usb stick, and run without having to install anything on the PC. Another is buying a programmable keyboard, which is a nice but more expensive solution. Notebook/laptop keyboards are often unpleasant, esp once you get used to mech boards.
    But the best solution of all is to have an enlightened employer. Sometimes when you explain things clearly to them, their initial fears/suspicions melt away.

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    Using Colemak-DH with Seniply.

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