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    I Am Unable To Switch To Colemak DH

    • Started by SuperColemakTyper
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    • SuperColemakTyper
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    I don't want to switch to Colemak DH because of some reasons:

    I feel like I am used to Colemak.

    I don't want to change again.

    It's going to take a long time to learn Colemak DH because there are lots of changes keys.

    I am going to get frustrated when I learn Colemak DH

    The he bigram doesn't really annoy me.

    I don't want to put in the effort.

    I have to learn the keyboard shortcuts again because they are shifted.

    The caps lock is not mapped to the backspace.

    When I use someone else's computer I'll have to install it which will require autohotkey which the person may say no to.

    There are not as many typing tutors for this keyboard layout.

    I ordered Keyshorts keyboard stickers and they are in production and I can't change the keyboard layout to Colemak DH because of this and it will cost $10 more.

    Colemak is a built in keyboard layout on lots of operating systems while Colemak DH is of course not.

    There isn't a lot of improvement from Colemak DH compared to Colemak.

    In my situation I think it is troublesome and not worth it to change to Colemak. Tell me your thoughts.

    Here is my Keyshorts stickers preview:

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    My thought is this: Layouts are about personal choice, so do whatever suits you best.

    And as DreymaR says: you should be on the Discord, the forum isn't the best place for trivial and repetitive posts.

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    Using Colemak-DH with Seniply.

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    I'm thinking gpt3 robot?

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