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    Just wanted Colemak Dhm on Linux

    • Started by brunzefb
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    This is for anyone with an ANSI keyboard, us layout who just wants Colemak Dhm.  In a terminal:

    git clone https://github.com/DreymaR/BigBagKbdTrixXKB.git
    cd BigBagKbdTrixXKB.git

    sudo bash install-dreymar-xmod.sh
    sudo bash setxkb.sh -a "4c us us"

    this should add an entry to your .bashrc file tmat looks like this:
    setxkbmap -model 'pc104' \
      -layout 'us(cmk_ed_us)' \
      -option 'misc:extend,lv5:caps_switch_lock,grp:shifts_toggle,compose:menu,misc:cmk_curl_dh'

    if you use a different shell like zsh, copy the above line to the appropriate init script.

    If you dont like entering sudo all the time, you can do this, which will make your system slightly more insecure
    sudo bash
    chmod u+s /usr/bin/setxkbmap
    chmod u+x /usr/bin/setxkbmap

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    Nice! But once you've got that setxkbmap line in a sourced script you shouldn't have to use sudo at all. The setxkbmap command itself doesn't require root. Not sure what you mean?

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