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    ZX and C

    • Started by TP Diffenbach
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    I'm new to touch typing, and I'm find that the homekeys for "Z", "X", and "C" are awkward for me. "C"'s "homekey" is supposed to be QWERTY D/Colmak S, but I can barely hit the top left corner of the "C" key if I keep the other three fingers of my left hand on their home keys. To strike it squarely, I need to move all four fingers down and to the right, so they rest on ZXCV, and then strike to the key.

    Using the left index finger to strike the "C" key is much easier.

    Similarly, "X" and "Z" are supposed to be struck by, respectively, the left ring and pinky fingers, but I'm finding it easier to use the middle finger to strike "X" and the ring finger to strike "Z".

    Am I just a mutant freak, am I too rigidly trying to keep the non-striking fingers on the home row, or what?

    (I've modified a version of the Typefaster Colmak layout to reflect my preferred homekeys for ZXCV; a copy is available upon request.)

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    It's just a matter of a bit of practice and personal preference. See what I wrote here:

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