Hello there. Hope you're doing well.

Let me preface by saying that I'm a (Neo)Vim die-hard fan, so I just want the transition friction smoother with (Neo)Vim.

I'm trying to learn Colemak-dh again. I failed my first attempt because I couldn't stand the remap of `hjkl` with `neio`, but ever since I started using ggandor/lightspeed.nvim and I don't need `hjkl` as much.

Now my concern is remapping "escape Insert mode".


1. no remap of Capslock as `Escape` since left pinky is under a lot of workload already
2. home-row remap

I looked into English bigram and letter pair frequencies. For reference: ["jk",1740133].


The probability of clashing is high. I considered more:

Left to right:


Right to left:


Only the following are within 8 digits (even though they're still >10x higher than `jk`):


But their positions are not quite desirable.


I could use better-escape.nvim so that there's less probability of clashing. Not sure how practical so that it's 100% no clashing. I never have any clashes with `jk`.

My keyboard is Keebio's Nyquist (QMK supported).

Any input is much appreciated. Thank you:)

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