I've been learning colemak for 2 weeks now and start to get faster finally (50wpm currently).
I used the default linux mint colmak layout and I am quite happy so far and will move to mods later.
Now I really wanted the extension layer and installed it with your script.
Now I'm searching for the correct command to only add the extension layer and not modify any other thing about the layout. (i need to be able to switch back and forth between german quertz and colemak us, that has the german umlaut letters on AltGr+q = ä AltGr+y = ü and AltGr+; = ö.

So essentially I don't want to change the AltGr mappings, yet.

Is that even possible? And what would be the command? (I got a ISO keyboard I think)

Is there a list of all possible locales and mods anywhere?

Somehow I can't find how to see what the commands could be. I just see many layout files but don't know how to choose any of those.

Kind regards

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