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    started colemak 29-09-'22

    • Started by risingphoenix73
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    Becomming 50 next year.

    Learned to type on azerty, but not blind. For the numbers I always needed a numpad. I never understood why they made you use the shift key to type numbers.
    Typing speed on azerty (not blind): 53 wpm
    Did this for most of my life.

    A few weeks I made the bold move to order a TKL mechanical keyboard in qwerty. I wanted to force myself to not use the numpad anymore and to really try to learn to touch type (blind type)

    This messed up my azerty 'skills' and some letters are better placed on qwerty then on azerty for me (like the 'a')

    then i read about colemak and thought to myself why not?

    so day one and my first try on colemak club was 8 wpm with accuracy of 93 on the first excersise
    at the end of the day I get 18wpm and 96 accuracy
    shoulders stressed, fingers not so much. I hit de keys less hard now

    that's it for now

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    Willkommen! Bienvenu! Welcome!   ̄(=⌒ᆺ⌒=) ̄
    Hope your journey will be a very pleasant and fun one, like mine has been.

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    Day 3
    level 3 on Colemak Club: accuracy 97, wpm 15

    slow going, but I'm aiming for accuracy, not speed.

    1 thing I've noticed is that my fingers start to automatically return to the starting row.
    In the past I had a different starting row; awef and jio; (on azerty that's azef and jiom)
    My pointer fingers are now always feeling for the little marks on the 'f' and 'j' key, eventhough they don't mean that on Colemak.

    And during this all I try very hard not to look at my keys when typing on qwerty. I almost feel my brain stretching.... weird.

    a few more shots at level 3. when I hit 98% accuracy and 17 wpm I go to level

    that's it for now !

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