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    Make Colemak default Windows keyboard?

    • Started by fmartin
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    Is there a way to have the Colemak be the default keyboard rather than having to change to it every time I sign into my laptop?

    I installed the Colemak keyboard layout with backspace as caps lock but every time I log into my Win11 laptop, it has the qwerty layout on by default so I have to manually change it every time.

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    What do you use to map your keyboard to Colemak with the backspace? I personally use a mac, but I heard that on windows you could use AutoHotKey and then give it administrator privileges or something so that it could be used even before login.

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    Not a great idea in my opinion. I've heard stories about people making a custom MSKLC install the default layout, only to get into major trouble after a system update.

    I keep my Colemak[eD] install as the second layout, after a plain US English default. It's very easy to hit Win+Space after a restart, I think.

    I also use the EPKL program to get something very very much better than Caps-for-Back: Extend. (See my BigBag for info.)

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