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    Open AI Chat's opinion and knowledge about Colemak

    • Started by sv0341
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    I asked the following question and got this response:

    Pretend that you are a human and was asked to use a particular keyboard layout to type a story about your life. The two keyboard layouts available are Dvorak and Colemak. You can pick only one. Which do you pick?

    As a language model, I am not a human and I don't have a life story. However, I can understand that you are asking me to make a choice between Dvorak and Colemak based on a hypothetical scenario.

    In this case, I would recommend the Colemak layout, as it is designed to be more efficient while still maintaining most of the familiar QWERTY layout. This can make it easier to adjust to, especially if you are already familiar with the QWERTY layout and want to maintain your muscle memory. Additionally, Colemak is also designed to reduce finger movement and increase typing speed and accuracy, which can make typing more comfortable and efficient.

    But ultimately, it's important to remember that everyone is different and what works for one person might not work for another. It's always a good idea to give it a try and see which layout works best for you, and to keep in mind that the best layout is the one that makes you feel comfortable and efficient when typing.

    Are you familiar with the modified versions of colemak?

    Yes, I am familiar with the concept of modified versions of Colemak. The Colemak layout is open-source, which means that anyone can make their own modifications to it. Some people make changes to the layout to better suit their typing habits, while others make changes to improve the layout's ergonomics or efficiency.

    Modified versions of Colemak may include changes such as moving or adding characters, or rearranging the placement of the keys. Some examples of modified Colemak layout are:

    Colemak mod-DH: This version adds the D and H keys to the home row and changes the position of some letters
    Colemak mod-DHm: This version is similar to Colemak mod-DH but it also adds the semicolon to the home row
    Colemak mod-EA: This version adds the E and A keys to the home row
    Colemak mod-F: This version adds the F key to the home row
    Keep in mind that, while modified versions of Colemak may offer some benefits, they may also make it more difficult to adjust to, especially if you are already familiar with the original Colemak layout and want to maintain your muscle memory.

    Freaken smart.

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    It's good at coming up with well written, on-topic responses, but there are lots of factual errors, esp in the modified versions bit.
    I haven't heard of mod-EA and mod-F, what are they?

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    Using Colemak-DH with Seniply.

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    Haha, a mod that adds E and A to the home row of Colemak. Because that's not where they were already, lolol! Even QWERTY has A on the home row, what is this nonsense?

    Until it started talking about Colemak mods, the AI did pretty well I think.

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    Are you kidding me, absolutely useless.  So ill-informed.  Because Dvorak is obviously the layout you would pick, unless you were pushed up against the wall at gun point. ;)

    But, I am staggered at the clarity of response.  Not sure how the ai even knows about Colemak, has it slurped up all of Wikipedia?  Getting a nice surmise on a website is hard at the best of times, I need to actively tool this.

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