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    Colemak DH - Matrix | Why not?

    • Started by Bernd
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    Iv'e been experimenting with colemak DH > Matrix layout.
    It seems to me this is more of an exception-variant when using a staggred keyboard, but I have to say... I don't understand why.

    Is'n't this the most logical implementation of colemak-DH?

    - to me it seems the best transition to a columnar layout
    ... and as far as I found... columnar layout is more logical than staggred.
    ... so also columnar layout keyboard should be default.

    - if you touch type on qwerty, you already move your fingers in the same diagonal
    ... so why change this, even when you know colemak is designed to minimize the change from qwerty?

    Just some thoughts.
    I think colemak DH - Matrix layout should be the default.


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    This has been answered on the Community site. Please read up there.

    Many users of columnar boards prefer using the Angle mod on row-staggered boards. They say it's actually a more similar experience.


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