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    Customizing EPKL Cmk-eD_ISO_CurlAWideSym

    • Started by Edregol
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    Hi everyone,

    as the topic says I am trying to customize the Cmk-eD_ISO_CurlAWideSym from EPKL 1.4.1 https://github.com/DreymaR/BigBagKbdTrixPKL

    As the documentation states I copied a layout that I like (Cmk-eD_ISO_CurlAWideSym) and now I want to add some overwrite to map keys to my liking.

    I am using a QWERTZ ISO keyboard

    the colemak layout I am starting with looks like this:

       ` 1 2 3 4 5 6 \ 7 8 9 0 =
       →  Q W F P B [ J L U Y ' -
       ↑  A R S T G ] M N E I O ;
         Z X C D V _ / K H , .

    What I am aiming for is this:

       ` 1 2 3 4 5 6 \ 7 8 9 0 =
       →  Q W F P B [ J L U Y ' -
       ↑  A R S T G ] K N E I O ;
         Z X D C V _ / M H , .

    my physical keyboard looks like this(QWERTZ iso german):

    ^ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ß ´
    → q w e r t z u i o p ü +
    ↑  a s d f g h j k l ö ä ;
      < y x c v b n m , . -

    I am starting with the bottom row. First key I want to remap is the C key (colemak layout) or x key (iso qwertz layout)

    So I am adding the follwing line in the Layout_Override.ini:

    QW_C  = D VKey

    This works for the Colemak C key and maps it to the D key as expected.

    If I now map like this

    QW_D  = C VKey

    the Colemak D key stays D instead the ISO key D (or Colemak S) is now C

    I am almost certain, that I am using the wrong scankeys here but I don't know which ones to use.

    Can somebody explain this to me? I don't understand whats happening here.

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    To be clear: All you want to do is to use Colemak-CAWS with the DHk variant instead of the standard DH(m) one?

    That's actually a bit simpler to do. You can use the Remap file for it, since it's only about remapping keys with ergo mods.

    See this bit?

    https://github.com/DreymaR/BigBagKbdTri … #L124-L131

    Cmk-CAW-_ISO    =  Cmk-Curl-DH  ,  AWide_ISO    
    Cmk-CAW-_ANS    =  Cmk-Curl-DH  ,  AWide_ANS    
    Cmk-CkAW_ISO    =  Cmk-Curl-DHk ,  AWide_ISO                                            ; The old DH 2107–2020 standard, superseded by DH(m). Use it if you "must".
    Cmk-CkAW_ANS    =  Cmk-Curl-DHk ,  AWide_ANS
    Cmk-CAWS_ISO    =  Cmk-Curl-DH  ,  SymWi_ISO    ,  AWide_ISO            ; NOTE: Sequence matters here. Can't remap to Sym after Wide in my implementation.
    Cmk-CAWS_ANS    =  Cmk-Curl-DH  ,  SymWi_ANS    ,  AWide_ANS    
    Cmk-CkAWS_ISO   =  Cmk-Curl-DHk ,  SymWi_ISO    ,  AWide_ISO            ; The old DH(k) standard, superseded by DH(m).
    Cmk-CkAWS_ANS   =  Cmk-Curl-DHk ,  SymWi_ANS    ,  AWide_ANS    

    There, the default remap uses the Cmk-Curl-DH remap. You see an example of using Cmk-Curl-DHk instead, which is what you want to do as I understand it.

    A somewhat safer way than editing the Remap file itself, is to reference other remaps in your layout or baselayout file. In your case, you can change CAWS to CkAWS in your Layout.ini file, just adding that little 'k' will do the trick. Then just restart EPKL.

    https://github.com/DreymaR/BigBagKbdTri … ut.ini#L31

    mapSC_layout    = Cmk-CAWS_@K                                   ; Angle_@K, AWide_@K, Cmk-CAW-_@K etc - see _eD_Remap.ini

    As mentioned in the README, your layout help images will not automatically update. For that you normallly have to run the EPKL HelpIimageGenerator.

    Tip: I just added the CkAWS remap to the EPKL Remap file, so make sure you're using the latest commit please.

    Tip: Make sure you're using the right Layout.ini file. As you've tried out, you may use a Layout_Override.ini file; that's the ideal way to do it.

    Tip: The remaps you've tried are possible too of course. You remap from standard QWERTY positions (not QWERTZ I think), before remaps (like CurlAngleWideSym) are applied.

    UPDATE 2023-10-05:
    I've tweaked the remap names a little, adding a hyphen (to denote no Sym mod) after 'AW' in the 'Cmk-CkAW-_' mods. This makes the naming consistent with the other remaps. So make sure you use the right syntax, now, please.

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