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    Colemak Camp, fork of Colemak Club

    • Started by NaeemBolchhi
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    I've made a fork of Colemak Club to bring extensive changes to the experience. It's stable right now, but I have many more changes to make going forward.

    I love the Colemak layout, but I hated that the position of S is changed. As someone who does coding a lot, I've formed a habit of saving files every now and then. So, this fork also includes Colemak-S and Colemak-DHS layouts, which restore S to its QWERTY position.

    But Colemak Camp is about more than adding some layouts of my choice. It is a visual overhaul, and when I'm done with it, will be a code overhaul as well.

    I've followed the design language of the Google Fonts website, and a lot of elements will look similar. But I try not to force what doesn't fit, so there are plenty of deviations as well.

    I've rewritten the cheatsheet keyboards so that the button sizes can be a bit more accurate. Also because the original style was using percentages a lot, and that confused me. It was easier to rewrite in my own way.

    I'm using SCSS for the stylesheet, a custom font file for icons, have added support for dark mode and light mode. It is also possible to change the theme colors from the new menu. Custom theme is planned but not yet implemented.

    Most importantly, the website is responsive and fits in more display sizes. That was one of the key features I wanted to bring so I could connect my bluetooth keyboard and practice on the go on my phone or tab.

    So. Here it is.

    P.S. My code isn't very clean, and I need to write the Readme file with licensing details and attributions. I'll do them gradually.

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    I've since been informed not to make the S change a public thing as it confuses beginners. I've removed that. Readme file has also been updated.
    More info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Colemak/commen … emak_club/

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