As a Colemak (and split keyboard) user, I have always struggled to find the right keycaps for my mechanical keyboards. This took me on a long journey (4 years ago) to look into keycaps manufacturing, and ultimately make the dream of being able to make custom keycaps a reality.

During that time I created FK custom a year ago, that offers custom shinethrough keycaps.

And this week we are launching Yuzu Keycaps and that is as good as custom keycaps can get! They are thick PBT keycaps, with dye sub made on-demand by Keyreative, a reknowned manufacturer in the space. So happy to have finally made it, and I thought this would be a good place to share it.

Make sure to start with the Colemak or Colemak-DH pages of course and please give me feedback on what is to missing or to be improved!