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    laptop ansi, external keyboard iso

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    How would you recommend me to toggle between the ansi layout for the keyboard laptop and one or several iso external keyboards?
    Both are Swedish Colemak-CAWS, but the laptop so far lacks CoDeKey.

    What key would you recommend adding as CoDeKey on keyboards/layouts that lack the suggested alternatives iso 102 / right win / right ctrl / print screen / menu?
    and simply doing it by writing another vc at EPKL_Layouts_Override.ini?

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    Hi. As you know, I use PrintScreen as my CodeKey, and move it next to Space with SharpKeys as described in the BigBag Ergonomy -> Modifiers section.

    If your keyboard doesn't have a PrintScreen key, that shouldn't matter? It only means you won't have to worry about it. Are you saying that you don't have any keys to the right of RAlt? Because if you don't, then it's going to be hard. If you do, then that's the key you'll have to put RAlt on when you move things around.

    Among the keys that I can very well live without, is Insert. I have that on Extend anyway.

    Running both an ANSI and an ISO keyboard on the same computer shouldn't be a problem because their scan codes are the same. The ANSI board will only miss the ISO key, and the ANSI Backslash key is the same scan code as the ISO "Hash/Backslash" key. You could get the missing mappings from the ISO key back using AltGr or CoDeKey or whatever. I actually don't use my ISO key (the one in the middle of the board) anymore.

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